Monday, January 24, 2011

oh no he didn't...

My sister, the bride, and her then boyfriend got a wonderful surprise that she was expecting a little boy. She has shared with everyone how God used her precious son to draw her to Himself. My dad, on the other hand, has had a more difficult time finding the positives in their situation.

Fast forward to their rehearsal dinner, the theme was "country chic." When that was sent out on the invitation, some of the family wondered...what in the world is that? Some thought it was "country cheek" others thought that it was just a joke.
My dad took the opportunity to come as the...


Oh no he didn't.

My dad is a riot. We did set him up as a prop so people could take pictures with him. Oh yes we did.

Here are our 2 year old cowboys! (Isaac's cousin, Thomas)

My sister's diva country bride outfit ROCKED!

I also wanted for you to meet my other brother that my dad and step mom adopted, Brendon. Doesnt he look like Usher!?! I love him!

We had a great time preparing for Stephanie and Zach's nuptials. Might I had that I had the BEST fajitas I have ever had from Papacito's. YUM!

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The Kramer Family said...

oh wow! your dad is hilarious. looks like you guys had an amazing time.

i second the notion that Papasito's has some of the best fajitas...ever. Yum! I worked there for 1 week when we first got was totally worth it because i learned the "secret" to their fajita making skills...