Saturday, October 2, 2010

T4A Highlights

The Together for Adoption Conference exceeded all of our expectations and I am so excited to give you a little taste.

There were several "tracks" that you could take with your break out sessions. We took the intro track which I would liken to pre-marital counseling but more like pre-adoption counseling. The information we gleaned was invaluable. Just as much information, it was expectations (those things can be killers). Having the right mindset as we begin our journey is exactly what we needed a little dose of...adoption reality.

In no way could a blog encompass our conference experience, but here are some of our highlights from Together For Adoption Conference. (The video on their conference home page is a profound in itself :)

163 million orphans in the world (that is the latest numbers) and a question I have asked myself all too often is "why is it so hard?" This analogy helped me in relation to international adoption in a nutshell: Think how difficult the citizenship process is here in America. We are in essence going to that country and breaking their citizenship in that country and making them a citizen of the U.S. Sounds pretty elementary but it helped me.

Just being in the same room worshipping, praying, and fellowshipping with that many people who love adoption was life changing in itself.

6. Dr. Karyn Purvis. She is helping adoptive and foster parents attach with their children who come from difficult places ( one example is reactive attachment disorder.) Several families told us that the thing they wish they knew before they adopted was about her research and material.

147 Million Orphans They have the cutest gear and the proceeds go to feed children and raise adoption awareness.

Lifelines Adoption Services. They are really doing great work in making international adoption a more smooth and efficient process.

Snowflake Adoption. I have apparently had my head in the sand or something, because I have never heard of this. Wow, what an exciting opportunity to redeem these little lives.

Aaron Ivey. Enough Said. That man is an annointed and creative lead worshipper and an adoptive father himself.

If you are interested in finding out how to spear head an adoption ministry or fund at your church, then Hope for Orphans is the first place to go. They have many resources for churches of every size and want to support you in your efforts. November 7th is orphan Sunday and would be a great day to begin awareness at your church. Pray about what you can do where you are at.

I'm still processing everything from the weekend so more to come in the months ahead.

Love to all!

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Megan said...

I said the same thing I wrote in my blog I'm working on. There was just way too much for one post... everything we learned and experienced will take months to sift through and process. So glad we got to experience the amazingness of the conference with y'all!! And so glad we are now going to get to walk and live it all out with you. Love you sweet friend!