Sunday, October 17, 2010

Orphan Free Uganda- Pastors

Lets continue to pray for an awakening in Uganda to the gospel and to the cry of the fatherless.

Please pray with me today that the Pastors of Uganda would have a heart for the orphans in their country, that they lead the battle cry and influence those in their body to fight for the children in their country who have been forgotten.

Due to the political and social unrest and instability of Uganda for the last several decades, economic conditions are bleak. According to the International Bible Society, pastors in rural areas of Uganda make 30 cents a month. These people are needy themselves but give freely of their lives and heart for God. Lets pray that provision for God's work would abound, for God to send workers into the harvest, and that His kingdom would come in Uganda!

Below are some pastors of varying denominations so we could pray for a few by name:

Frederick W. Semazzi

Godfrey Mawa

Ruhasha Fresian Dickson

Benjamin Udeozor

Paul Gidudu

Elijah E.L.Sebuchu

Kinene Vincent

Henry Michawel Busuulwa

Ebunyu Richard

So many others who are unnamed, under-resourced, and spiritually dry. Let us lift them up to Him who knows every name, every need, and every heart.

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