Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unfinished toe nails

This picture pretty much sums up my week.

My periodic attempts to paint my toes were interrupted by sickly children. They have been like this for several days.

I usually attempt to adhere to Dr. Sears opinion on fevers. (i.e. fevers are not the devil. They are our friends that fight infection). After several days of of a mid range fever but no other symptoms, I decided to use some home remedies for fever reducer that I have never tried before.

I gave her a warm bath and put a half a cup of vinegar in it. I allowed her to soak for 10 minutes and its supposed to help kill the bugs naturally. I also rubbed egg whites on the bottom of her feet and then slipped on a pair of socks. By 3 a.m. her fever broke and she was feeling so good that sleep was not on the horizon until 6:30:)

Within 48 hours, her fever was back and add a little lethargy to it too. We took her into the doctor and after a days worth of tests everything pointed to a Urinary Tract Infection- poor thing! We were thankful to know what was going on.

After a long day at the doctor in Houston, we decided to spend the night with my mom. The next day we got our things together and headed back. We were all dirty and in need of a bath, so when we got home the kids went into the bath. Isaac has this slide thing that he does into the bath. Yes, we have let him do it. Quality parenting, right? He ended up landing weird on his arm and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth! After several hours of attempting to distinguish between drama and reality, we decided to take him into the doctor. The jury is still out with what is actually going on in that elbow of his (its difficult to tell in toddlers). Here is a pic of his new look:

Its just one of those couple of weeks that you just have to laugh at.

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