Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We remember His faithfulness

One year ago yesterday, we lost our first baby, Isabel.

God in His sovereign plan, chose for me to be with Pink ladies as I remembered His faithfulness.

The more miraculous part, was hearing this beautiful woman share from her heart...

Over the last two years, she has really walked with me and taught me how to suffer well and come out victorious and more fruitful on the other side.

After she shared her own personal journey of faith, I was a weepy lump of gratefulness. THEN, they played this song. That song has been an anthem here at the Terry household. I have danced around our bedroom holding Isaac worshipping God and declaring this over my own soul hundreds of times during the last couple of years. I have never heard it played in a worship setting and when they started to play it, tears of joy erupted.

We remember you Isabel.

We remember Your faithfulness Lord. You are good. You are gracious. You are long suffering. You are my healer, sustainer, provider. You are my I AM.

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Cindy said...

I was just thinking about Isabel last week. You are such a beautiful portrait of what "trusting God" should really look like. Isabel was a sweet blessing for the short life she had, and I thank Him for using her to touch the lives she did. He IS faithful. I LOVE YOU!