Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Power of Kale

So I have been reading up on the nutritional benefits of kale. That its properties have the most potent cancer fighting properties. Another bonus I read today is that its more filling than most veggies. This I can attest to.
I bought some organic kale at the store this week and have been adding it raw to my sandwiches and shredding it up to make a variety of different salad combos.
You should try it. Let me know your verdict.


Meredith Gilbert said...

They have yummy kale salad at Whole Foods (of course)! I think it's a little bitter on its own, but I like it the way they make it and knowing how good it is for me always helps :)

Anonymous said...

mmm...i make a yummy minestrone soup with a ton of it in it!

-melissa h.

Jen said...

Have you read Green For Life? Lots of great info on Kale and spinach. I started doing green smoothies. Green for Life has great recipes. I feel a difference- especially around a certain time of the month. :)