Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flying Solo!

Last week my man went to New York on business- boo hiss! Life is not nearly as much fun without him. Then the little man had his first little opportunity to overcome the sniffles (traumatic for a rookie mom, like me). We hunkered down into survival mode and overcame (once dad got home :)

Then we were scheduled to go to East Texas for the weekend, but since Joe had been gone and Isaac was still not 100%, we decided it was best if the boys stayed behind :( It was me and the road for the first time in years I tell you...YEARS! This used to be my life, pre-marriage. I took road trips at least twice a month and would drive all over the Lone Star state for this reason or the other.

I left early enough to make it to church at the good old COTR, I mean New Covenant Church. The moment I entered into the sanctuary, I burst into tears. It was so refreshing to be in His presence and be reminded of all the things that God did in my heart and life there at that church.

Then, it was baby shower time. We got things prepared for sweet Rachel Avery and mama Tandra. I am so excited about her being a mom. She is hands down one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. Her heart of worship brings Him so much glory and her friendship is so dear to my heart. Tandra and I have been roommates many times before we were married. There was one time that we shared a room and bed. You know we have some funny stories. A story that will forever go down in infamy... It was bedtime and I was already in bed reading and I see Tandra out of the corner of my eye getting ready to hop into bed with just a t-shirt and underwear. I am praying, "Oh Jesus, please have her put some other clothes on." Without a thought in the world, she hops in bed under the covers. In which case I sheepishly say after a few minutes, "Do you think we could have some rules about sleep attire?" She graciously agreed and was wearing thermal long sleeved jumpers from then I kid, but she was dressed. Tandra, I wish we were closer so we could enjoy this fun, new season together! One day, Lord, one day...

Anna is on left, Tandra in the middle, and I'm on the right.
Then, some of my oldest friends joined the shower. I told you about Laura, if you will recall here. Second from the left is Emily who is expecting TWIN BOYS! Oh, I love Jacob and Caleb already and their family is on my heart so often.

On the far right there is Lauren Webb. She is my inspiration for my blog "theme" (if you will). Our humor is not necessarily out of wit or original comic genius, its more out of the comedy of errors, that is our life. She is the queen of having no shame in detailing every embarassing moment for the enjoyment of others. Lauren, you inspire me and I adore you so much. Does she not look amazing? I told her that she needs to look into being a hair model, don't you think!

I love all of you girls and cherish your friendships! Until next time...


Jen Sprayberry said...

Tandra's like the hottest pregnant lady I've ever seen (next to you of course). Can't wait to hear more about it. When is she due? Can't wait to see little baby Rachel (love the name). You are such a good friend to make the trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Okay, so I think I read almost every one of your blogs. I had to get caught up!! You're humorous. I enjoyed myself. :)