Monday, September 22, 2008

Ike Internet Fast

Here's Ike just before the big Ike hit!

So Ike decided that I needed to fast from the Internet. 8 whole days without even checking my email- that is a record for me! Not to mention, no blogging, surfing, googling, or yikes!

We are finally back on line- GLORY! We didn't have any major damage and our power was only out for a little while and we were the only ones in our county with power for the entire week. I think God pulled a special favor on that one, so we could house some evacuees here :)


Nicole said...

Yea! I am so glad you are back!
Goodness... "I" is huge! Oh I want to squish those thighs!!

I miss you guys!

Nicole said...

Okay...I had to go look at little man one more time. Oh I just love the little guy soooo much! I am also laughing bc you cant even see his thighs in this pic..only his cute cheeks and chunky arms! Oh, but I can picture them!