Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So we were laying in bed the other, I'm not going there. I leave those stories off the blog, which I know you are grateful for.

The hubs sighs and says to me, "Isaac is so much fun, I think we should have 7."

"Can I get that in writing?" :)

Then I ran across this blog! She has 12 kids, looks sane, home schools, and has time to blog about, that's impressive.

Here is a picture of our quiver for the time being...


Jen Sprayberry said...

You are so beautiful. 7 is a great number.

Michawn said...

i agree with jen...go for seven. the walton's on the southfork ranch. nice.

LOVE that last pic. he loves his mama!!

The Durham's said...

Now that's one good lookin' family right there! You look drop dead gorgeous my friend:) Bring on the little blessings, I say!! LOVE YOU!

Missy/Kaye said... TAKE that neighborhood, girl!!! No weapon formed against you can prosper. Praying for your study.
Missy in N. Myrtle Beach, SC

momma bee said...

what a beautiful family! Yes, you should completely repopulate the earth with solid men like joe and beautiful girls like you!

AnnaElise said...

Maybe you should go for 17? :) You guys are an AWESOME family :)

Michelle Bentham said...

Hey Melissa... This is a "friend" from Gateway Church. I met you a couple of time helping out with things at Pink the first year.

I read your name over at the LPM blog and thought - Could it be?

And, yes... it is.

You have a beautiful family and if seven is a number of completion then I am more than sure that would be a blessing. I'd personally ask for more prayer to be certain... But, God is faithful if He calls us to it.

You are a blast, I browsed through your posts and am blessed to read about how you are doing. The great thing about blogging is it is really just a bunch of people talking about ordinary life and other such stuff. You have blessed many women, I pray you are blessed with great return as you continue in this new season of your life.