Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My specialty

Martha Stewart is definitely back and she has anointed me the queen of baking.

As some of you life group girls will recall the infamous "cookie swap" extravaganza. Every woman brought the most delectable treats you ever laid your eyes on. I, on the other hand, not only brought one dessert but four. Yes, you should be impressed. I managed to completely destroy three different attempts at four different treats. I finally resulted to the slice and bake.

Apparently I forgotten where my specialty really is. Apparently.

The other night I asked the hubs, "Hey babe, can I get you anything?" He replies that that would be great. I asked him what I can get him, but before he could get out a response I answered my own question with, "How about some chocolate milk." He retorts, "That's exactly what I was thinking, how did you know that?" In which I replied in my sassiest Normangee accent, "God didn't make me your wife for nothing." You should smell the trouble seeping from your computer.

We don't have any chocolate syrup but I do have chocolate chips. I go to the kitchen and pick out a mug and put some chips at the bottom. I put that mug in the microwave and in seconds, its sparking and there are flames coming from the side. Metal. right. I knew that.

I transfer the chips to another mug and then they are a meltin' away as I take out the milk. The moment I pour the cold milk on the chips, it just becomes one big clump of hardened chocolate chips. Physics. Not my best subject.

I decide that I could still take it to him. He could eat the chocolate chips from the bottom, then drink some milk. It all tastes the same going down. Right?

Upon the hubs discovering my Martha Stewart Jr. move, he just shakes his head and laughs.
He has asked me recently, "Sweetie, what IS your specialty."
I think he likes that specialty better anyways.


Nicole said...

As we made some hot tea tonight, I shared this story with the fam- Dad, Katie and Anna! We were all cracking up but I wish you couldv'e seen John. He really got a kick out of it..put his head in his hands and laughed and laughed!!

We love you Meli...I would give anything to hang out and "eat" hot chocolate with you!! :)

The Durham's said...

It's even funnier the second time:) You are a riot! I miss you terribly! And by the way, I actually think you are a genius at cooking because these little adventures are how great recipes are discovered. Hold out for yours, girlfriend!

Jen Sprayberry said...

That's great. It sounds good to me. I love chocolate any way it comes!

Taylor-Man said...

I am cracking up right now....remembering the very moment you brought your several batches of cookies to life group. You are soo funny...and always have the best stories to tell. Thanks for keeping me entertained! :-)