Monday, June 9, 2008

White Chocolate

Well, my stepsister graduated this last weekend. She was off doing graduation festivities, so I only got to see her as she walked across the stage. To the left, is my step mom, Daina. Isaac's name for her is "G- mama." Now that's good and that is compliments of Arnita Taylor. She is the only one cool enough to help name Daina. I will blog more another time about how wonderful Daina is, but for now we can all admire her beauty. How I managed to not get any of her family, I do not know. They were such a riot. They lovingly named Isaac, "white chocolate" and he loved being passed around.

Below are pictures of the lunch beforehand. Then, we headed to the graduation. You know how long these things go, so it was inevitable that he was going to be fed at graduation. Since we were driving to Austin, I didn't pack any milk in the cooler to feed the little man a bottle. So mid-graduation, we head to the bathroom for a little feeding time. My planning skills got even worse, when the dress that I purchased for the occasion was the kind that you pull over your head- no zippers, no easy access. So little man and I trotted off to the bathroom so I could pull my dress over my head to feed him :) We put those little toilet protectors down and I was going to sit there. The toilet is the automatically flushing kind, so every minute the toilet would flush, scare Isaac, and he would pop off the nozzle. It was a hilarious skit that lead to me standing and nursing!

Isaac got to meet his sassy Aunt Stephanie for the first time!

My "little" brother who is 6 ft. 7 in. :)

Little mister is looking more like my dad every day.

My Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob- I love them and they are such a blessing to our family!


Jen Sprayberry said...

So cool. You look amazing as always. How awesome that your family got to spend time w/ your sweet little pumpkin. Love and miss you. When can we come visit??? Need to talk to you also- call me!

The Durham's said...

The boys got soul...there's no way around it:):) I love this post and I loved seeing your family!!! You are too precious for words!