Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The most joyous part of being out here at Southfork has been what God is doing in my family. We have gotten to see, spend more time with them, and talk to them more often. This week is no exception. My stepbrother came to stay with us on Monday. He has had a very difficult life (that grossly understates his upbringing). My dad and step mom felt that they were to adopt Brendon about three years ago. When you are working with CPS, the adoption process is very slow, arduous, and tiresome. After more than two years of home visits, interviews, counseling sessions, and court appearances it became official. God has really been doing a work in his heart lately, but please pray for him while he is here. He has been working out here- helping the guys feed the horses, sweeping the barns, washing the ranch trucks, working in the yard, etc. Joe sent my Dad and Daina a picture of him on the horse which my dad responds... "Work the thug out of him." We're not trying to work it out, but rather love it out :) Please pray for his sweet soul.
p.s. Does he not look like "Usher" or what? He can dance like him too.


The Durham's said...

What a sweet post!! You and Joe are wonderfully placed in his life at this time...he will learn so much:) Love yall!

Jen Sprayberry said...

How cool that you get to spend time w/ him! I'm sure it means the world to him. He's a darling young man.

sevans said...

He TOTALLY looks like Usher!! That's amazing. I bet he loves that!