Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Beautiful...

I want to introduce you to Cindy. Almost 13 years ago, God used her to change the coarse of my entire life. There are countless times that I try to imagine what my life would be like without the my Heavenly Father. Together, Cindy and I, have had quite a wild ride with Jesus- from silly girls who rapped her house, to high school boyfriends, to college adventures, road trips, times I went to New Mexico rather than home, husbands, and now kids...

We met initially because we were both dancers and I was immediately drawn to her and knew there was something different about her. My freshman year of high school, I was enjoying the world and the likes of drinking and lots of boys. Cindy loved me, never judged me and was always there to listen whenever I needed. A couple of years went by that we were casual friends.
Then the summer before my junior year, she invited me to go to Young Life with her all summer. I always had a great time and it continually amazed me that these people could have so much fun without partying. I remember coming home many times that summer and telling my mom, "They have so much fun and they don't even drink!"

I had always "believed" in God, but had never truly given my life completely to Him. Right as the school year began, invited me to attend the first Wednesday night Bible study they had. It was that night in the living room that I knew that Jesus was the only way and I decided to give Him control of my life and follow Him. Cindy and I were connected at the hip from then on. I am so honored the Lord has blessed me with her friendship all of these years.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Romans 10:15
Cindy, thank you for being genuine and choosing the road less traveled. Thank you for seeing what God did and believing Him even when it couldn't be seen. I'm excited for all that God still has in store...

Yes, I asked her to take a picture of her feet and send them to me! She is such a great friend that she agreed without knowing what it was for. In her email she wrote, "As weird as this is, here you go:)" (This is what my child is subjected to every day! Please pray for the sweet thing)

On Monday, the mister and I met up with Cindy and her sweet daughter, Claire. Claire was so good with Isaac and such a "little mommy." She is expecting baby #2 this August, and I know Claire will be such a great helper! The picture below totally cracks me up.

(p.s. if you're wondering where Cindy's blog is, that is a great question!?! I have tried to coherse her to start blogging but have yet to succeed. So Cindy, hear our plea!)


Nicole said...

Thank you Cindy for loving Melissa into the Kingdom and what a great friend for sending her a picture of your feet!! :)

I love this post Mel! Such a wonderful picture of how God uses people to impact His world. Love you and that little man to pieces!

PS.. Claire is adorable and soo big!

The Durham's said...

I love this! What a beautiful story of redemption and grace! She is truly gorgeous inside and out! And what a cutie her daughter is:) Tell her thank you and I love her even though I don't know her physically:)

Jen Sprayberry said...

Thank you Cindy for loving our friend and showing her the love of Jesus. What a gift.

Love you friend!

Jodi said...

love this story- so cool! Melissa is the Living Hope church you are going to in College Station?

The Looney Kids said...

Hey Melissa! It's Kara, from The Elevator (in 06) at Gateway...congratulations on your baby! Mel Aulds had told me you were expecting, he's adorable! A lot can change in a year and a half huh? :)

Sarah Wronko said...

Hey Beautiful,
I have something to share with you. Let me know when we can talk. :)
Love yoU!