Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Joe is pretty particular when it comes to baby clothes. He has instructed Isaac that if I put him in anything that is less than manly then he is to beep at me (like a radar gun) :)

So Monday morning Isaac and I were getting ready for our day trip to The Woodlands and I was getting him dressed. I picked out this cute little striped onesie that he hadn't worn yet. I walked into our bedroom to talk to Joe before we left. Joe took one look at the little mister and said, "Did you not beep loud enough for your mom to hear you?" I wondered what is wrong with this outfit!??! He goes on to explain that if the snaps swoop to the side it looks like a sash. That, in short, it is not manly. We have now coined these little ensembles as the "snash"- the snaps form a sash called "the snash." Needless to say, we changed outfits but not before I snapped a little shot of this jazzy ensemble.


Nicole said...

I am cracking up! I like the new word...that Joe Dan!

Ok besides the "snash," little man looks like the hulk in that jazzy ensemble. He is bustin out!

The Durham's said...

Snash....I love it! Only you two! He is adorable, no matter what...and yes, Joe, I said ADORABLE:):) Love ya!

Abby Grace said...

That is hilarious!!! The snash!! LOL.