Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here we come

Joe and I have been talking this year about sneaking away, just the two of us. We haven't been on a week long vacation since our honeymoon. We figured that since I am not pregnant (unfortunately) but we know God has perfect plan for my womb. Then, once we receive our adoption referral then we plan to focus intently on attachment. So, we figured that this fall was the perfect time. We began to research Italy and spent time sitting in the travel section of B & N. But a few months ago, Joe was reading his Bible and praying. He felt like we were to take our rendezvous to Africa. We prayed and collected all kinds of information. We cashed in some miles and we are taking a wild, whirl wind kind of a trip. We are going to be gone for 9 whole days.
Then, on Friday Obama calls in some special ops troops to Central Africa. Perfect. Sweet friends, the rubber meets the road. And my family is in a tizzy. They have emailed us the links, asked about life insurance, confirmed our wills, and we have given them final farewells. Okay...maybe not that extreme. We love them and are so thankful they love us. Rest assured, we have talked to our contacts there. We shouldn't be in any dangerous areas and if the special ops troops are there, then they say we should be in even better hands. We know whose hands we are in anyways. I do not superwoman faith because believe me, every ounce of it will be tested when I kiss my babies good bye and hop on that plane. When we were leaving for a weekend getaway in May I was an emotional wreck. Now, a 9 day exodus from my kids for a recovering control freak, helicopter mom, and micromanaging mama like yours truly is a recipe for nightmares, unexplained emotional fits, and hyperventilating. What's weird is I'm kind of excited. This emotion feels strangely akward and out of place, but I kind of like it. We have been talking to the kids about it for weeks trying to help them be prepared for our absence. We had communicated that we were just going to serve that we weren't coming home with a baby. Somehow that got lost in translation. Isaac came running into our bedroom one morning exclaiming, "I'm so excited to get baby Africa! I'm so excited to get baby Africa." Joe gently re-explained what we were doing and that we were not bringing our baby home this time. Our sweet boy buried his head into Joe's chest and broke into the ugly cry, shoulders shaking and all. When God does it in one; I'm so thankful He has done it in us all. Without any further rambling, Will you come with us? I have always dreamed of getting to see the beautiful people of Africa and to see God through their dark brown eyes. Friends, I have dreamed so many of your faces being tucked inside my suitcase: how we could giggle as we fold some clothes in the orphanage basment or could pray that orphanage right on into heaven. Or have a blast trying. Who's in??? I'm not sure what our internet access will be, but I will do my best to share along the way. I would love if you would be praying with us: 1. We would be a blessing to the Babies Home. We would honor them and the Lord through the week that we will be there. 2. Although we will be serving, that it would feel like a second honeymoon. Joe and I would have romantic times together, set off some new sparks, rekindle old ones, and relish the ones we've got. 3. We would have vision and clarity about the season we are in currentlly. 4. Oh, and safety. We would have uneventful travels and a safe stay. You are the best of friends and I'm so thankful you are mine. I love you with all my heart.

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Our Little King-dom said...

So I'm a little behind but oh how I would love o kiss and hold some little African babies! I dream of going there one day and serving those sweet people! I can't wait to hear your story and see what God did!