Wednesday, October 19, 2011

in His arms

We were involved with some training that the Austin Stone provided with the 100 people network. Oh, it was so great and stuff I wish I would have known five years ago. Sigh...onward we go.

We were sitting at a round table discussion during the training. Sitting at our table was, Rick Barnes' son. He is leaving to an undisclosed country (read: unreached country and dangerous).

Then, this last Sunday he happens to come sit in front of us. Just watching him worship stirred a deep place in my heart. I thought of his mother who will hug him good bye and send him off to a country that is politically unstable and persecutes Christians without batting an eye.

At the same time, Elyana is sleeping in my arms. Almost every Sunday for the last 7 months, while the drums are thumping and the bass blaring Elyana has fallen asleep.

That may sound normal except our church has a cute basket of ear plugs by the entrance and it sounds a little like this. But a whole lot louder in person.

Every week it amazes me. This child who, relatively speaking, sleeps in the quiet of our home the solace of her crib falls asleep during a worship jam session.

Out cold. She usually goes on to sleep through the sermon (hundreds of people laughing, clapping, and a pastor passionately sharing the Word) and doesn't wake up until the last Amen.

Some would say she is the ultimate church baby. What God has been whispering to me is "I have a point to make to you, Melissa."

True worship is resting. Resting in His sovereignty, resting in His goodness, resting in His ability.

I don't have to hurry and be busy. Worship is minute by minute trusting that I am in His arms and the world is orchestrated by His hands.

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