Wednesday, October 19, 2011

beautiful exchange

Its approaching bedtime at the Terry household today, I began to lay down Isaac. I was just about to tell him a story when he said, "You know mom, there is this girl in my class at the Austin Stone named Story and she is cute." Internal mama gasp. Yet... I tried to keep calm and carry on. I even made "Story" the central character of our naptime story. Take that toddler crush.
Then just after naptime the little miss came up to me with shorts she had gotten out of her drawer and says, "Mama, dese (these) not cute." I could not believe my ears that I asked my 21 month old to repeat herself. She said it again verbatim. The mother/daughter clothes debate has begun.
If that were not enough for one day, tonight Isaac says to me, "mama, you know when you were acting ugly on Monday. Are you sorry for that?" Its good thing that the day started off with Isaac reminding sister me about the beautiful exchange. :)
I'm ending where we began.


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Melissa, that post started my day off right! With a smile! Thank goodness for the clean slates of a brand new days!!

Kirby said...

This post reminds me of my older two in so many ways!

Tell Joe his wish about Elyana being like McKlayne just may come true. We've had TONS of similar conversations in her three short years.

Love the family pics! How beautiful you ALL are!

Praying for rest and intentional time as you travel home and a sweet transition with the kids when you return! LOVE you!