Friday, September 30, 2011

Ranch Glimpse

You can't go anywhere without forcibly being confronted with the affects of drought all around us. Here is a little glimpse of our neck of the woods...

This is where Barton Creek used to flow freely. The water level was anywhere from 5- 10 feet. Now it is merely dust and twigs. The fish are gone. The turtles aren't anywhere to be found. The swimming hole is now a sand box.

Lets join together and ask for God's sweet mercy and steady rain to fall upon us. I'm especially praying for this little corner of the earth.

In other news, the horses have arrived this week. After months of prepping the land for their arrival: clearing, fencing, clearing, fencing, paddock building, clearing...they have arrived.

I drove in the other morning and looked across the pasture to see them galloping through the grass and dirt. It took my breath away. We have been reunited with our long lost friends.

The cute little one in the middle is my nephew. He's precious, isn't he? He is also the b.e.s.t. baby I have ever been around in my life (and you know I have been around some good babies in my day).

Okay, okay, I won't forget you guys either...

The donkeys are back too.

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