Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Java love

I'm going through my Austin faves. Its early in our hill country adventures so this list may be premature but thought it would fun to chronicle.

Growing up our only choice to drink was water. I specifically never drank coffee. I thought it tasted like dirt. I even survived college all-nighters without coffee. I worked 70 plus hours on a political campaign without coffee. I even taught junior high at a private school without coffee.

After I got married, I was working in Dallas and it was a particularly cold winter. There was a Starbucks on the way and usually once a week it would call my name. Since then I have been growing as a connoisseur.

Living near College Station for the last couple of years and all of its coffee experts didn't help either.

If you would like a good drink recommendation I get an iced soy sugar free vanilla caramel macchiato with easy ice :)

So for #8 my favorite thing about Austin is a coffee shop and it is without a competitor. Mozart's. It is a gem. Wonderful for date nights. Great for conversation with old and new friends. Even better for a date with my Bible.

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