Friday, September 2, 2011

my messes

Somewhere between here...

and here,

I completely lost it- not in a sound mind, not joyful and lacking peace.

How could I go from waking to His mercy, to enjoying heaping bowls of steaming hot oatmeal with my beloveds, to walking in on my precious 3 year tugging with all of his might because he wanted to make my bed to.... drowning in fear of man, impatience, and self pity?

Then, sweet Grace threw me a life preserver as I read this post and was undone.

Manifesto for Joyful Parenting

1. Today, I will make our home a house of prayer.
I will pray at set times. And I will invite our children to come move into an interior space that lives with God.
2. Today, I will transfigure all things into beauty, and I will refuse to see anything else.
3. Today, I will not have any emergencies. There are no emergencies! Only amateurs hurry.
4. Today, when stress mounts, I pray to dismount it with gratitude.
My stress management plan will be intervention with verbal thanks. I can only feel one feeling at a time, and I choose to give thanks at all times. Fight feeling with feeling!
5. Today, I will pray to speak words that are only STRONG words, words that make these children feel strong. Grace words. Grace is the only non-toxic air. All other words I breathe are death words.
6. Today, I will pray to be consistently consistent. I will create safe rhythms that our children can find security in. I will create daily ceremonies because everyday we are CELEBRATING the gift of now!
7. Today, the moment when I am most repelled by a child’s behavior, that is my sign to draw the very closest to that child.
8. Today, I will hug each of my children as many times as I serve them meals — because children’s hearts feed on touch. I’ll look for as many opportunities to touch my children today as possible — the taller they are, the more so.
9. Today, my priorities will be all Things Unseen.
10. Today, I will laugh! And I will let the little children laugh! I will create a culture of JOY!

As I was contemplating how dreadfully far from the mark I continually am yet He has rescued me, then I glanced back in the back seat to see our promised one with his head tilted back, eyes closed, and worshipping his little heart out.

My mess is part of His plan.

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Cindy said...

I love this post. I beat myself up all the time that I am not a good enough mommy for my 3 beautiful children that God has loaned to me. Thankful for His grace everyday. And thank you for posting that profound list to encourage us moms. You are a fabulous one! XO