Friday, May 6, 2011

So much to be thankful for

To my beloved mother., you continually amaze me every day. You inspire me with your joy for life, ability to take things in stride, endless energy, beautiful countenance, and commitment to not give your opinion unless you are asked.

You give selflessly and relentlessly. I'm so honored to call you my mother on Mother's Day.

p.s. thanks for all those nights you nursed me all night b/c I would refuse to eat all day at day care ;), for putting up with my strong will, for not slapping me when I had parenting advice at the ripe age of 13, and for when I would squish your arm skin while you were trying to sleep.

(My mom is right of my sis, the bride. I love this pic of you, mom, you look so regal! )

The other day I had one of my favorite moments of motherhood. We had gone to the gym and had dropped the kids off at the nursery. They have a basketball area for the kids to play in and when we came to pick them up they were in there. Joe and I stayed in there for a little while and were playing with all the kids and goofing around. Isaac looked at one of the bigger girls and confidently said while looking at us, "They're awesome."

Oh son, we really aren't but we sure pray that you think so all the days of your life. What a joy motherhood has been. Glory to God from whom all precious gifts are from!

The other day I was in the laundry room and I heard some wrestling around in my closet, I happened to grab my camera on the way and surprised the little people.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Wish I could have taken you all to a spa day. Maybe one day soon...

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Michawn said...

you have a little joe and a little melissa. way too cute, your family. miss y'all.