Monday, May 16, 2011

garden of our hearts

So I set out to watering with one of the cutest garden helpers you could ever imagine (daddy dressed her, who would have guessed? ;)

Tending the garden requires forethought, emotional energy, and physical action. It requires this kind of love every single day. I have to believe that this time spent and set aside for tending the garden is worth it, that its going to bear fruit. It seems so common sense, right?

It is so similar to the garden of our hearts, but why is it so difficult for us to believe? Why do we question or neglect time spent in God's word allowing His spirit to tend, water, and grow our the garden of our heart? When the rain falls from the sky or life's circumstances flood our day, why do we distrust the all- knowing God? When the temperatures are rising and the heat seems suffocating why do we question whether God is ever present?

It has been therapeutic being out in the garden: the practice become discipline, the plants become a lesson, and the fruit becomes a promise.

"The Lord of Heaven's armies is a wonderful teacher; He gives the farmer great wisdom." Isaiah 28 What a promise for this amateur farmer and perpetual brown thumb!

Over the weekend my grandfather gave me some of the first fruits of his garden, two yummy tomatoes. I cut it up along with some kale, cucumber, and avocado I had in my fridge then I tossed it with some balsamic vinegar, oil, and seasoning. It was a refreshing twist on the lunch salad

It too became a lesson: when we see fruit in others, it encourages us. After leaving his house with two tomatoes in hand, I skipped on over to our garden to water, tend, and de-weed.

This morning we came out to the garden to find our first fruits! We sauteed them with some mushrooms and put them on top of our salad today.

The garden of our hearts is worth cultivating today.

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Haley said...

Are those yellow squash? If yes, the same rule applies for the flower dying and falling off- then you know it's ready to harvest!