Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your darkest day could be His greatest gift

Okay, friends, the kids are down for the night and I'm going to try to communicate one of the most key elements of breakthrough in this area as I continue this crazy series.

Its almost Valentine's Day and I can't think of anything else I would rather be writing about. Your darkest day could be His greatest gift.

Yet, how do we unwrap them?

As we all know, especially as women, our emotions and eating are so intertwined. When you have lived in chronic, besetting sin in this area or even occasional emotional eating it is essential to ask God to search your heart. We must ask God just like the psalmist to create in us a clean heart.

There are absolutely no formulas, no easy answers, no check off these three boxes and then you're good. This portion is a life long portion but an essential life practice.

"Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life." Prov. 4:23 ASV

I am going to give you a few questions as a place to start. This is by no means an exhaustive list. I encourage you to find a private place (your back yard, the corner of a coffee shop, your bedroom, balcony, park bench or on a long walk), put on worship music, and talk to God like you would your best friend.

Then ask yourself some spirit lead questions. Here are a few examples of questions that I have answered extensively myself and continue to do so as a part of my healing process and as I go through every day life:

In what areas have we received a false sense of identity?

Each one of our parents, regardless of how hard they try or how much they love God, fall short. Have we freely extended grace and forgiveness towards them? Have we released them for the ways they have wronged us?

Do we actively and regularly seek to honor our parents?

What are situations, people, foods, types of stress, times of the year, etc that we have noticed trigger a downward spiral?

Some times there are people who have unknowingly contributed to false patterns of thinking. Pray about whether or not some kind of healthy boundaries are appropriate in that relationship.

Have we forgiven ourselves for the year(s) of self abuse, overt control or apathy?

After writing some of these things down, ask God for insight to the underlying roots in the lies that we are believing:

Do you not believe that He is good?

Do you struggle to relinquish control of this and every area of your life to God?

Do you believe that the Father gives good gifts to His children?

Do you trust that He is faithful to finish the work He's started in you?

Do you view yourself from the skewed eyes of this world or through the loving eyes of the Father?

As the painful memories arise, ask the all knowing, Sovereign God where He was in the midst of your darkest days. Then allow the comforter- the Holy Spirit- to do what He does best.

Also, please do not go through this journey alone. It is important that you are regularly talking with a mentor and it is vital that they are praying with you and for you.

As I have reflected on this journey that God lead me through, I am overwhelmed with what a gift I have been given. God blessed me with the discomfort to look within, the knowledge to look up to Him, the strength to tear down and forgive, and the grace to move forward a different person.

He is rich in mercy.

His gift to you this Valentine's Day and every day...redemption.

Will you open it?

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