Thursday, February 10, 2011

cloth diapering 101

We are traveling with Joe for work. We left home for several days. I did not pack one single diaper. Not one.

What's even better is that I discovered it after she pooped.

So I wrapped that little muffin in a hand towel, put her pants on over that towel, and we strutted our stuff to the store.

See the brown towel hanging out of her pants?


Meme said...

we've been there too friend. makes for a hilarious memory. hope the rest of your trip is/was snag free:-).

Lea Wethington said...

oh my gosh! happened to me too. Only, i was at joann's shopping. there is NO WAY i was gonna skip my chance to shop, so i used a HUGE blanket i had and somehow snapped the onesie shut. It was hilarious. I had to use wet paper towels from the bathroom to wipe his bottom. HELLO!! what was I thinking?! no diaper bag? the only thing I can blame it on is excitement for getting to shop:)