Monday, February 14, 2011

My heart melts when he sings

I haven't been too shy about confessing that grew up a city girl through and through. I grew up so girly...loving to dance, put on make up, curl my hair, and put together an outfit from The Limited (remember that store?).

My love on the other hand grew up in a little town in the back woods of East Texas and never owned any shoes besides boots until we met. Once we started courting, we did purge that sweet man's closet of some incredibly erroneous paraphernalia.

Tonight Joe and I relived one of my favorite memories, us dancing on the Graves' dock one night while he sang me this song. He personalized the words and everything.

There's something about that song and his voice and that look his eyes.

I'm mush.

I love my manly man. Tough on the outside but tender as they come where it counts.

Joseph Daniel, thanks for choosing this Texas woman.

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The Durham's said...

This is just about the sweetest thing I have ever read!! This melted my heart, too:) I love this sooo much and love this about the two of you! I love those small town boys with big hearts.....they are irresistable in my book;) Love you guys!