Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silver Wings you have awakened my heart

Remember how I was telling you about some amazing friends who are shipping out for Haiti THIS WEEK! I know not one single prayer would be wasted on them and their belongings as they head on their new adventure. If you haven't yet, then please subscribe to their blog and be updated on what God is doing through them and how you can be a part.

So, a couple of weeks ago they had a farewell party at none other than...THE SKATING RINK!

Growing up we had a skating rink in our neighborhood and we spent way too much time there. When we arrived at the Silver Wings in Brenham, it brought back so many memories. The lights dimmed, the disco ball going, the games along the side for those whose blister was about to burst on their foot from those ghetto skates, skate races, four corners (I was always one of the first corners called and wanted so bad to sneak back into the game), and you cannot forget the couples skate (I mean, that was the ultimate statement of "going out" if got out on the floor while meatloaf is blaring "I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)."

Fast forward more than 15 years and I rolled into the skating rink with a man and two kids. We had a so much fun with everyone! The Silver Wings was kind enough to let all of us mamas bring our strollers out there, so we were on skates pushing our babies around in circles.

Here is Aaron and Heather in action.

We tightened little man's skates so tight that the wheels barely moved but he putted around that rink like a champ. The night could not have ended on a more perfect note for my two urban cowboys. The Texas in the middle of the rink and Silver Wings sung by Merle Haggard (Joe even knew the words- scary).

We skated while laughing at ourselves and each other. It was a grand ole time. I found this nifty little website that has a listing of all the skating rinks in Texas, so you should click here and find one near you to relive your glory days (or really just for a good belly laugh!)

Hendricks, we will miss you guys! We are with you and praying for you all the way...

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The Durham's said...

This made me smile.....ALOT!!! I LOVE your heart and your appreciation for the truly fun times with the fam!! You are pure lovely inside and out and I love ya!!