Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Girl

I have been known to often drive with my left leg propped up on the dash. I caught Elyana like this the other night and I had to capture the moment.

That's my girl.

At freshly 7 months, she is already so girly. For this boy mom, it is surprisingly refreshing. Joe and I both admit, at times, we just aren't sure what to do but smile.

She flitters her arms in front of her face to the music or just to give herself something to do. When she giggles it is so girly. She would rather just be on your lap then down on the floor attempting to learn how to crawl. She just loves to smile and oh, I pray she continues to be such a joy: joy to her Father, joy to her daddy, joy to her friends, joy to her future husband, and that she would model joy for her future children.

This last week she started saying "da da" and it makes my day to hear her. She's also been eating a lot more people food, sleeping great, laughing hysterically at her brother, and bouncing like crazy in her little bouncy thing.

We are crazy about you, Elyana Joy!


Nicole said...

So in love with her....just want to squeeze those little arms and thighs!!

Courtney said...

She certainly brought us joy this week!! :) Had so much fun with you!