Monday, June 7, 2010

Uphill Climb

2009 I did not do much physical activity to speak of.

The beginning of the year I was still nursing and pregnant. At the end of the day, there just wasn't much energy left over. Then the doctors advised against any strenuous activity after our miscarriage. I was pregnant not long after that and with all the issues I had while I was pregnant with Elyana, there was only about a 2 month window that I was not on some form of activity restriction.

Basically, we had a whole lot of muscle atrophy going on.

Before I continue any further, let me first clarify that this little girl would be worth a lifetime of activity restriction.

Now, this mama has got to get back into shape. I can't be out of breath when I go up our stairs or when I swim a few laps. lame.
The first time I actually ran post-baby everything jiggled. EVERYTHING. Also, there was an insane amount of itching. I think my body was going into circulation shock because it had not had that kind of circulation flowing in so long. I had to literally stop running because I was really close to "death by itching." Not possible you say? It could have been possible that day.
I think I really thought that after a month of regular exercise that we would be back in business. Back to the glory days of a "runners high.' Body parts headede back to normal. Not so much.
We are the cusp of 5 months post baby and it is an uphill climb. A steep, treacherous, uphill climb.
So one of my most athletically gifted girlfriends, Cindy, is training for a sprint triathlon in August. She is one of those that she can go months without jogging and then head out and still run a 7 minute mile. She mentioned that I should do it with her.
300 yards swimming, 11 mi bike ride, 3 mi run. Why not take on a challenge, make myself look like an idiot, and finish in the back of the pack. Sounds fun.
Here's to saying syanara to the squish!


Cindy said...

Thanks for giving me more credit then I deserve, Mel, wobbly bits do, in fact, jiggle if I haven't run in awhile :) I am hopeful that I will get to do a triathlon with you very soon, I know you can do it! Look what I have created... ;)

XO, Cindy

Jen said...

I know the jiggle well! Me and "the jiggle" go way back. I'm impressed with your ambition. You will do great- you're a natural athlete.

Kirby said...

MEL! Oh my goodness! Why have we not talked about this? I mean, we've talked about the "itching" and all...I want to train...can I? Can we? Let's do it.