Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Saints

Unfortunately, Joe's grandpa's battle with his health has intensified over the last month. He has lived with diabetes for the last 30 years. When he had quadruple bypass a month ago, the veins they took from his legs were incompetent due to the wear from the diabetes. The veins sluffing off have caused a stroke, minor heart attack, and then one top of both of those he had pneumonia. Grandpa Bob is one of the sweetest saints you will ever come across this side of heaven. He sang in a quartet and gave it his all for Jesus. Just as precious as can be. Our heart and prayers are with you, Grandpa Bob!

We had the wonderful privilege of visiting him in the hospital last week. He invited Isaac up to sit with him while he ate and they talked about horses, tractors, and lawn mowers (Isaac's favorite subject).

Elyana Joyce had the wonderful privilege of meeting her namesake for the very first time! Oh, it was a glorious meeting. Little girl sat content in Meemaw's arms for a long while. The two looked like they were born to be together.

I hope my little girl was soaking this in while being around two of the most lovely, Godly women I know!

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