Friday, October 9, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

The Terry Tribe is leaving on a jet plane headed for North Carolina today! yea! My dad so graciously offered to fly us kids to see my cousin play football for NC State. We are so excited about taking our little man on a airplane and to a college football game where he'll get to see all the action up close.

My cousin, Bobby, has been doing awesome this season and has been named as NC State's best tackler and he plays on special teams. (He is the one in red below :)

Yesterday when the wee man woke up he had the molar sniffles and I was thinking, "OH NO, not before the weekend." Then I have been thinking and praying that there has to be something that I can give him to boost his immune system and keep the teething runny nose from turning into more than that. Off to the health food store I went and was referred to this little gem.

I thought I would pass this along for all you other moms wanting the same thing :)

Sambucus which has elderberry, echinacea, and something else. One of those things is to help block infection. So far, so good. No green snot, just a little bit of a drop of runny nose (yesterday it was pouring out of his sweet nose). He is overall feeling more peppy and himself.

Fun stories and pics to come!


The Durham's said...

Good job, mama!! Hope yall have so much fun:)

the rodriguez crew said...

hey melissa! quick question if you get a minute... I bought this medicine you talk about b/c we're fighting little snotty noses all the time and this sounds great! is it also a preventative type medicine, something the kiddos can take even when they're not sick? i coudln't tell by the description. almost like a vitamin? thanks for the tip!

hope you're having a great trip! :)