Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Because

I Esteem You

In all this world,
Of the men I know,
There is this one
My heart esteems so.

His passion and grace
Extend through gentleness;
His humility and patience
Are felt in his sweet caress

I admire the way he loves
The way he works, the way he dreams;
He sees this life through faith
And not how it may seem.

His presence grabs my heart
With his sacrifice so deep;
My love for him
Makes my life so sweet

Journeying on the roads of life
The mountain tops or the valleys low,
His hand I will always hold
With him always lifting my head just so.

When the weeks seem long
And we’re not sure what this life may bring,
Long remember that it is
Of his praises his praises I will sing.

(for my Joseph Daniel- I am crazy about you)


The Durham's said...

such sweet words, friend. i love your heart.

Nicole said...

You are a good wife, Melissa. I love u!