Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terry Family Sabbatical

After a few days of getting to travel with Joe for work, we packed up the car again and headed out to our family sabbatical. When we headed out, we weren't sure where we were going, but we landed at this place When we arrived in our room, little man crawled up on the bed and struck this pose all on his own! He knew what we had come for- refreshing in every way and that is exactly what it was!

The resort itself was perfect for this trip, but we were so naive on the first night when we ordered dinner 'to go' from their wine bar. Our meal was $60 and this was what I got. Seriously?

We got to go swimming, canoeing, to the zoo, miniature golf, shopping, spa surprises, good naps, and lots of quality "quiet times." Oh goodness it was glorious and I did tear up a little when Joe said that it was time to go. Thank you babe for a wonderful first Terry family sabbatical!

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Nicole said...

SO happy you guys got to do this!! I love this pic of Isaac...he cracks me up! :)