Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So there have been a lot of things that have been similar to my pregnancy with Isaac and quite a few things that have been different. SNO CONES are the best thing invented by man for the pregnant woman and they sound good any time of day. I still haven't craved sweets per say, but I have been in carb OVERLOAD. Meat and meat preparation would send me into a nauseous frenzy, so carbs it is. I have a whole assortment of crackers, rice, chips, and bread to choose from. I have no idea how I have already gained 5 pounds!?! :)

There have been a few things that have been different and more challenging, but I would take this any day for my sweet baby. I have been very sick and at the brink of sheer exhaustion. I think between healing and then giving life, my body is just plain w-o-r-n out!

But with the modified bed rest or pelvic rest (or whatever you want to call it), it has made this pregnancy extra challenging. Im just going to throw this one out there and leave it at that. (keepin' it real, ladies, just tryin' to keep it real). Not having marital relations with my husband for weeks at a time just plain stinks. AMEN.

As for exercise, I am weird and I really enjoy it. It helps keep my emotions more balanced and I feel better. Lord willing, when they give me the okay, I am looking forward to a long walk that may lead to a jog (don't want to overdo it on my first time out). Where some may fantasize about being a beach or in a spa...I dream about having my running shoes on and jogging down my little trail here at the ranch. A little peace of heaven because God always meets me there.

Then, the whole "you need to take it easy" thing, I totally embraced- week one. Every week since though I have been ready to be back to my old self.

Then the heat, oh this wretched heat. The hormones make your internal temperature go up about 20 degrees anyways and then to add these temperatures. I just can't do it. We only go outside before 9 a.m. Period.

There are definitely times when I feel like I have been hijacked and replaced with this woman who has 14 different personalities. God bless my husband. In every area, I'm learning new ways to be me and be okay with how that looks in this season.

Now, I have been having a little pep talk with my buttocks about this pregnancy. To help my behind remember our little talk, I made up a little ditty...

Oh my buttocks, how do you do?
Oh my buttocks, how about you?

Though I feed you carbs galore
Please don't keep them in your store

Please remember my dear friend
We are nowhere near the end

As you see my baby showing
There's no need for you to keep growing

I know you keep things balanced out
But that kind of thing freaks me out

Just remember my amigo
You are not the one that is prego!

Here is a picture of my belly with Isaac at 17 weeks.

Here is my belly with Baby #2 at 13 weeks. :) I feel like my belly is a good 6 weeks ahead of where it was with Isaac. They say that this happens with subsequent children. This all should get very interesting around Christmas time :)


The Bearded Lady said...

You precious girl!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO happy for you and your growing family!!!

Bless you!!

Lauren Hafernick said...

OMG...that song, poem, what ever it is, is to die for! I love love love it! You are so fun, Mel...and although pregnancy is taking it's toll, I hope you will still stay on a roll (you inspired me)

Michawn said...

oh girl...don't even get me started on body changes. don't. even. get me. started! ;)

and that's all i have to say. ha ha. except, so happy for you! ;) enjoy it.

The Durham's said...

you make me laugh....hard! i love the sermon to your butt! that's good:) love you!!

Our Little King-dom said...

You are a riot. I hope your butt is obedient! :-) Happy Carb Eating!

Lauren Webb said...

Oh my gosh! Oh myyy gosh! I'm torn between disbelief that you ACTUALLY made up a song to your butt and jumping for joy excited about my prego friend!! A huge congratulations to you! I'm so proud of Him. ;)

Jen Sprayberry said...

You look amazing! Such fun stuff. Thanks for the great (funny) update. :)

Jan said...

You may be tired. You may be bored. You may be hot. Nonetheless, you have not lost your sense of humor nor your waist line. Looking good. Sounding good. Being good. Just keep it up girl! You can do it! Jan G.

Nicole said...

HOW did I miss this post????? YOU are hilarious!!! I loved the little diddy! :)