Thursday, November 6, 2008

Terry Strategery Room

Terry Strategery Room: Play by Play of Our Election Coverage

5 pm Hubbs finishes up with work early to convene about the Election Night Food Plan…

5:01 Mexican is the consensus…who would’ve guessed? J

5:25 Hubbs comes in for the update of exactly what Mexican food we are having…?

5:30 Head out for our nightly walk to the mail box and last minute predictions of the election outcome

5:40 Hubbs grabs his Bible and rallies the troops to storm the heavens one last time before the first polls begin to close.

5: 45 Turn on the beloved FNC

5:50 Move the high chair into the den so we can feed Isaac without missing any coverage.

6:00 First polls close…little butterflies

6:30 Hubbs is swooning over his Election Night meal (he exaggerates because he loves me)

6:48 With each state that is announced for McCain, hubbs gives the fist pump and a “yessss”

7:01 Talk to my grandmother and she tells me that there is a sale on “prayer rugs” at Walmart and she said we need to head out and pick some up! She is a hoot!

7:15 (Pause for baby feeding and bedtime)

8:12 Hubbs is trying to get me in on his love for Brit Hume. No offense, just not a huge fan.

8:17 McCain loses Ohio, its looking pretty grim for the Maverick. (Joe sighs while saying, “Dagger in the heart”)

8:22 Hubbs says, “So I have some ideas for your blog name” “If I was to write blogs it would be: “Dole who? I knew it was going to be a difficult night when Elizabeth Dole gets beat in North Carolina.” That would be amusing. The next one would be “60 is the new 50.” Early in the night our focus shifted from whether or not we would get 50% for McCain to whether or not the donkeys would have 60 houses in the Senate and dominate all legislation that goes through the Congress.”

I think He secretly wants to be a blogger. One day he’ll crumble.

9:30 Barack Obama is our new president elect.

10:25 McCain’s speech was very touching and genuine. I wish he could have been able to express that same sincerity throughout the campaign. Nonetheless, I respect his graciousness.

11:00 My favorite part of Obama’s speech was his interaction with Michelle. Its just refreshing to see a politician that SEEMS (I do not know what goes on behind closed doors) really in love with his spouse. She honors and respects him well.

It was not my choice, but I have peace. God is always faithful when we cry out to Him and He indeed heard us this election, so He must have something else up His sleeve. Show Your glory, Lord!


The Durham's said...

I must agree....He is in control and I'm really good with that:):) By the way, that picture of Isaac rocks!! He is too cute:)

Abby Grace said...

You guys are too cute! I love hearing about the goings on in the Terry's home! :)

Nicole said...

Love it...felt like I was there with the play by play! I am kinda shocked you dont like THE Hume!! He cracks me up with the dead pan face..he was at a total loss for words that night.
I miss you all....that pic of I melted my heart!