Monday, November 17, 2008

New York, New York!

We headed out for the Big Apple last Thursday!

Meet my cousin, Duke! We have always been really close and this year he turned the big 4-0. So for his birthday, he requested a visit to meet "Cousin IT", as he calls him. (Get it, his initials are I.T. Cousin It...okay, you're quicker than me."

5 years ago, shortly after he left Texas for Manhattan, he was diagnosed with HIV. The best part of the trip was seeing how great he looks and how much better he is feeling. He is in great heath and great spirits, an answer to many, many prayers!

(He wouldn't let me take any pics with him, so I had to spring it on him)

Now meet his cat, Clinton. (Not after Bill or Hillary, but after a borough in nyc - whew, good thing, right?) I am not really a cat person, but he has the coolest cat in the whole world. Clinton was definitely Isaac's favorite part of the trip and provided for endless hours of enertainment.

Here was the only signs of the Christmas season that we saw...
We also got to see my other cousin who lives in Brooklyn, Julie, which was such a fun treat!

His place is right in front of Lincoln Center (lots of scenes of August Rush) and its down the street from the Natural Museum of History (you can see the building his place is in lots of times in "Night at the Museum).

Here is the Central Park view out of his window, just breath taking!

We had a really great time! Although we went there to celebrate Duke's birthday, the hubs had some other things in mine to celebrate mine a little early. I got to see an amazing musical on broadway, Billy Elliot. While there are some themes (like most things on broadway) that I could do without, the dancing was OUT OF THIS WORLD! We also got to browse some really posh boutiques, eat some great food, and enjoy the city. Joe also blessed me with a new sweater, a makeover, and surprised me by arranging for a photographer to meet up with us on Saturday morning and take family pictures! Babe, thank you for an amazing trip. You always are the most creative and thoughtful gift giver, but the best gift is YOU!


sevans said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good time and to see your cousin (well the back of his head) that I've heard about. Do we get to see the family pics? What a sweet surprise!

The Durham's said...

Way to go, Joe!! I am totally impressed, although, not surprised AT ALL!! What a fun trip:) I am so glad you got to go! I am with good ol' "sevans"...I would like to see some of those family pics:)

Jen Sprayberry said...

Go Joe! Hope you can post the pics. Your cousin has a great place. So, so glad he's doing well.