Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The donkeys are loose!

So I have to run to the post office today. I am headed back and Joe calls right before I pull up. While I am about to punch the code for the gate, I look up and see that the DONKEYS ARE IN OUR FRONT YARD!

I am yelling into the phone, "Babe, the donkeys are loose; the donkeys are loose." Click.

Then I look further into the yard and I see Isaac crawling down the driveway (jk, that would not be a funny story.) I do see my other child, our dog Madi galloping up the driveway in an effort to chase the donkeys.

The donkeys get flustered and start BUCKING! I am having visions of Madi being knocked in the middle by these donkeys and I am freaking out. Thinking to myself, "Should I open the gate and risk the donkeys getting into the street and becoming road kill or do I rescue my dog from potentially becoming donkey meat???" AHH!

Madi it is. Here I come to the rescue! I open the gate. Open up the back door and I'm screaming for Madi to get in the car. "Madi, get your little hiney in this car right now!!" No response. I know she hears me because I am yelling as loud as I can. She continues to dart closer and closer to Bill, Doug, and Fred. The donkeys used to be my favorite, but right now they are in the crap list.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I see of my latino friends who work out here coming to the rescue. They are running from behind our house and they are yelling at me things in spanish. I can't understand a word that they are saying to me. (Probably get back in the car you crazy woman and shut the gate).

By the time I run as fast as I can in the house to get my camera, they are already back in the pasture. Dang. This is why you keep your camera with you at all times.


The Durham's said...

Ok, this makes me laugh....hard! That's country life for ya:)

Anonymous said...

What an entertaining read that was...I could just picture it! Love you, friend!

Jen Sprayberry said...

I like your donkeys but I have to admit- they scared me at first. Glad all ended well. :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

By the way- our new little profile photo is taken at that awesome broken down gas station by your house. If you visit Misti White's blog (link on my blog) she has some great shots. Cool place.