Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NYC Here We Come!

We are heading out tomorrow morning for the Big Apple and its the little man's first trip in the friendly skies, so please say a little prayer for us!

What's up with the cob, you ask. Well, a friend told me it helps with teething. He's 8.5 months and has been wrestling with this first tooth for about 6 months now. She says it helps the tooth break through. Please Lord, no teething flare ups while we are gone...please!

Fun pics and stories to come!


The Durham's said...

He's too sweet! I will be praying for a little tooth to arrive and for safe travel for your trip:)

Abby Grace said...

I just figured the corn cob was a country thing!- just kidding, I've heard of that before. Let me know how it works. Have fun on your trip and we'll be praying for you guys. Be sure to post pics when you get back. Love ya!