Thursday, October 9, 2008


Don't you love the cool evenings and how the breeze comes in over the trees. Oh, this time reminds me when Joseph and I first met. Sigh...

Now that we all have lots of responsibilities, things pulling us here or there and then we are wearing jeans most of the time, we may have the grave temptation to skip over the razor in the shower. We think, "Oh my legs can wait until tomorrow."

Meet Lindsey (and her hubby and Tex:)

We became friends working at a Christian camp the summer before college and I knew she would be a friend I would cherish for life.

Home chick has never gone a day that I have known her without shaving her legs. Seriously. I do not lie. For me, it is a SIGN AND A WONDER! I got to spend some much needed time with her last year and felt once again inspired. I think after seeing her, I went 40 straight days without not shaving (which is quite a record in the dead of winter).

I have this sneaky suspicion that some of you may need a little shaving inspiration! Your husbands will love me (HER) for it. I asked Lindsey, "How do you do it?" She responds, "Its just like washing your hair. Would you get in the shower and not wash your hair. Its the same thing with your legs. And if you do it every day then it takes less time." Thanks Linz, I love and miss you! My life is not nearly as fun and sassy without you.

Then, last weekend to kick off October, Laura came and we carved pumpkins. Hers is the demonic one and yes, we offered her pumpkin up as a burnt offering after she left!

Here is our "kids" enjoying the same toy in the cool fall weather!

The mister sporting a long sleeve onesie! Oh, how I love the cute little vests and things that are out- Janie and Jack watch out!

Hope you are enjoying the fall even more than we are! All our love...


Jen Sprayberry said...

I had one of those friends who never missed a day. Who are these amazing people? Your little man is so sweet!!! He's getting big.

The Durham's said...

Ok, my mom is an everyday shaver, and I have to claim "no condemnation" every dad'gum time I go to visit!!! I, too, am so impressed with this diligence, and if I could see, or even reach, my ankles, I think I would give it much more of a daily try! HA! How are you feeling, my friend? Miss you!