Thursday, October 2, 2008

Startin' Him Early

Last night Joe stopped by the Republican headquarters to pick up some goodies. The little old lady said to Joe as he was walking out the door, "Now honey, don't forget to pray for Sarah Palin tomorrow night; she's going to need it." Only in Texas. I love it.

Yes, we are indoctrinating..i mean, teaching...him early! :)


Abby Grace said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Great job indoctrinating, er teaching. :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

That's great. I do love being in the Bible belt. So refreshing!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi mel! i got your message - but i accidently deleted your number instead of saving it! :-( it was so great to hear your voice!! call or email me if you want to chat! would love to catch up with you!

you asked about a photographer...i actually haven't used any "austin area photographers", cause i flew kim in for my wedding. But, i have heard a lot of good things about Jennifer Nichols Photog. the pics on her blog are amazing! i have heard that Stacy with SMS Photography is good and also Lisa Woods.

Hope that helps!
- melissa

PS: i LOVE reading your blog! you guys are too cute and so is your little guy!

The Durham's said...

He is so precious! Thanks for the smile:)

AnnaElise said...

I sent the pic you sent me to my aunt and she asked why the date says January on it? Leave it to my aunt to notice that! :) Love hwat you guys are doing with your little man! GO McCain Palin!