Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hodge Podge

Just a few items of business this Wednesday evening.

Anna has a new blog- wahoo!

The Terry's joined the 21st Century and got DVR for the first time. Glory! I have been lobbying for this and could definitely give those Washington lobbyist a run for their money. Can I please have a moment of silence? I'm all choked up.

Found my new favorite chip- Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Spicy! Delish! In honor of this and the fact that living out here and we eat more food at home than we ever have, I would like to give you the some things I have learned about food from my husband:

8. Milk does a body good.

7. The best meals are the ones off the grill.

6. Why buy hot sauce when you can make it?

5. In meal selection, meats are chosen first.

4. Don't french fries count as a vegetable?

3. Mexican food is good any (or every day) of the week.

2. Chips can go with every meal.

1. There's always a reason to go out to eat.

Honey, I love you and I appreciate you putting up with all the sandwiches, sub-par cooking, turkey sausage, and whole wheat. You encourage me to eat less desserts (because he doesn't like them!) and thank you for pretending like every meal is the best thing you have ever eaten.


Kiki said...

Hey there! I saw your comment on my blog and came to check yours out! Do we have mutual friends or did we just randomly connect through the blogosphere?? And I get nothing done without the boppy, I agree!! :)

Anonymous said... the two bloggers that I read daily have found each other! Kirsten, this is my dear precious friend that I have known for 13 plus years. I told her about your blog a while ago when she started blogging! Mel, I have finally learned how to post commments, can you say blog-challenged?! I'm excited for my lesson this weekend (and our lunch!). I love this post! And I LOVE that you got DVR, amen sista!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot my name doesn't show up since I'm not "official." The last comment was done by me, Cindy Baker!

The Durham's said...

I love love love the new cooking revelations!! These are good solid foundations, my friend, and every woman should know them:) I love you!

AnnaElise said...

Gotta love how Joe keeps things in perspective... meat does come first! :) thanks for the blog love Meli :) I miss meal times with the Terry's!

Sarah Wronko said...

Melissa! I miss you so much girl! How are you?

By the way we are having a GIRL!! YEAH!! How far of a drive is it to you???


Jen Sprayberry said...

You're such a great wife!