Friday, June 3, 2011

the little things.

Just a random tuesday afternoon musing as I reflect on what God has taught me through, A Thousand Gifts. If you haven't read it yet it is worth every penny and so much more.

Oh library, Oh library, I love you so true.
Oh library, Oh library, what shall I do?
Your four walls bring so much joy to my heart
With your contents I can't wait to part.
The little sweet ladies brighten my day
and suckers for my littles who brighten like rays.

Now its the first time I've visited you in our new town
And our first round of books are nowhere to be found.
We have taken all the toys and the books out
We have turned the trailer every way just about.

How can I show myelf in that place?
With your grey haired wisdom staring down my face.
I'm reminding myself all is grace
The little graces are life's lace.

The little things that rustle my way
The little things that suck joy every day
I'm learning to let go, to trust
Even if its from my clenched hands He will thrust.

Whether its spilled milk or lost books
Ugly attitudes or strangers with dirty looks
The sweet wind, loud toddlers, little giggles,
mounds of laundry, crooked smiles or all their wiggles.

Help me to see what i am looking for is in my midst
Each day is filled with the aroma of His gifts.
Wanted or unwanted, big or small
Losing expectations, opening my heart to them all.

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Meme said...

im reading this right now too. it is wrecking me in the most holy of ways!love this post:-)