Saturday, May 22, 2010

Potty Training Party

Our little man has been ready to wear big kid underwear for some time, but I was trying to wait for life to settle down a little bit before we tackled that giant.

Last Monday, we threw the diapers away and began the journey into potty land.

He had 12 accidents Monday morning, just him learning to hold it and finding out what that sensation feels like, then being able to communicate it to us. Around lunch time, the ranch foreman, Magdaleno, came to our house to pick something up. After he left, I leaned down to Isaac and said, "Magdaleno wears big boy underwear AND he pee pees in the potty." He looked at me with big eyes and in shear wonderment and said, "Whoa." After that it clicked!

The first time he actually went pee pee in the potty. He flushed the toilet and declared, "Bye bye pee pee! See you at the horse show!"

Then, we had a man, Mr. Magee, doing work out at our house. We had never met him before but within 2 minutes of him being in the house, Isaac was showing him his underwear. Then, he said, "Mr. 'Gee, I have to go pee pee. Stay right here. Be right back." Luckily, Mr. Magee has five children and this wasn't his first rodeo.

While, the pee pee part clicked, the poo poo part was freakin' him out a little bit. He has told me several times this week (when he knows he needs to go, is sitting on the toilet and there's no action)- "mama, there's a hammer stuck in my hiney."
Overall, he has done GREAT! Mom on the other hand has been a little cranky and emotional. There's nothing like making the restroom your second home in order to bring out your "special self!"


the rodriguez crew said...

We're right behind you on this one, and I am terrified for some reason! Maybe b/c Jagger is completely UNinterested in the whole thing, and if I mention big boy undies he screams no underwears?!? He's exactly 2 1/2 ... is it time????

Kirby said...

Way to go, Buddy!!~Asher