Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to the man who doesn't like birthdays

I love birthdays. I love making a big deal. I think its your "day." Do it up right and do it up big. Especially for my husband.

He loathes that idea. It taken me awhile to realize he's serious.

The first year we were married, I planned a get together with all of his work buddies. I went up to his work with his favorite cake, had lots of presents, had signs up around our apartment, and told everyone in my contacts and email that it was HIS day!

He was miserable.

This year I did not remind a single person and its killing me. I literally have wanted to tell so many people, wanted to put it on my facebook, and make a big to-do about it but am trying to abide by his wishes.

It just goes against every fiber of my being. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like a little birthday celebration, especially when I am so mad about him. For years, I have told myself that he secretly loves it and one day he would be thankful for my over celebratory self.

That hasn't happened yet.

So this birthday blog is for you, babe, and hoping that no one calls or texts you today b/c that's apparently what you want.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most sacrificial, loving, servant-hearted, kind, gentle, and sexiest man I know. My heart is yours alone and for you forever.

Here's to your break out 32nd year

Photo courtesy of Nicole Graves Photography Inc. :)
*** As a side note: My man asked me to clarify that "loathe" is a strong word. He just doesn't like a big deal. We have had a nice, quiet evening, made his favorite meal and have "other" plans for later and I didn't get "the look" all day. I'll call this one a success!


Jen said...
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Jen said...

I won't have Justin call or txt, but please wish him a Happy b-day for us! We love you all! Great pics Nicole!