Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I want to remember...

Oh, I'm trying to soak up these last two months with JUST HIM! The thought causes my throat to get tight and my heart to ache with the new joy that is coming into our home.

He really started talking at 17 months but the last month, his vocabulary keeps us in stitches.

He loves being around people and knows everyone's names and says them with his own flare. His favorite things are his "goff cub" (golf club), books, "paying" (playing), his dada, brushing his "tees" (teeth- he does this at least 4 or 5 times a day), "swing," "skool" (school- we do some activities at home), "worshipping" and "chuch." His new word that he uses often this week is "awesome" and he does a fist pump while saying it.

He loves to feed his turtle (which we found outside), our dog, the donkeys, and any other animal that will eat what he puts down for them.

He is a great snuggler, still uses his and my hair as a security blanket, likes to sleep for 12 hrs at night then to take short nap(s) during the day, and wants to be very independent.

Last night he thought we were at a full gospel church ( I guess) as he shouted an exuberant "Me-Men" (translation- AMEN) and proceeded to tell everyone in the congregation "BYE" as dad took him out of the auditorium.

He loves to pray. He will ask you to pray at the most spontaneous times and he loves to point to the globe and pray for different countries.

Isaac, oh I wish you knew how many times I have thanked God that you are my son! We love you through and through, always and forever, no matter what.

(picture courtesy of Nicole Graves photography- she is getting professional on me with her new camera skills)


Cindy said...

Sweetness! And I LOVE the photo of Isaac...great job, Nicole!!
Love you,

Nicole said...

I love Isaac!! All of him!! Just want to eat him up :)
Thanks Mel for the compliment...its a great camera (yea John!!) and luck :)

Jen Sprayberry said...

He is such a sweetie! Love you all!!! I love watching you as a mom- your family is blessed.