Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning to Love

Receiving anything has never come naturally to me.

I remember being in high school and my dance instructor gave me a compliment in front of everyone (which I was so embarrassed by) and I proceeded to tell her why it wasn't that good. She said very firmly, "Melissa, just say 'thank you." This is a scene that has happened many times and in different ways since then...

Then when a few of my dearest friends from Dallas called to say that they had already planned a shower to help celebrate Elyana and there was no way for me to protest, I was in pieces. These women have loved me so fiercely already and to think of them lavishing God's love on us again, was just more than I could comprehend. All I would like to do is give back for all that they have already deposited and sown into my life and to our family. I shed many tears as the day drew nearer.

God began to speak to my heart, "you love because I first loved you." I have to be able to receive God's love and love from other people before I can pour it out. Oh, I have a lot to learn.

Here are a few of the ways that each one of these women touched my heart by celebrating with us....

Here are the beautiful hostesses...(from left to right: Sarah, Nicole, Lynnell, Stacy, Anna and Mayce- down below :). Every detail of the shower demonstrated their love and was a message of His love- From the beautiful decorations, the place cards, the scrumptious food, canvases for baby girl's room....I could go on and on.
Lynnell has the GIFT of hospitality- any event or party that she puts her mind to turns to pure ministry to the Lord and to her guests.

These precious girls were a continual reminder of the sweet baby girl in my tummy. Hannah and Mayce, even at a young age, you are beautiful examples of what it means to be a daughter of the King!

Then, as I look through the blessing book and at the faces in these pictures I am reminded of how many mentors God has blessed me with. So many women who have shaped the way that I view life, being a wife and a mother. Here are a few...
When you are around Brenda Laurence you believe that you can conquer any battle and ride any horse!

It was so special that Bella (Isabella) was there because that was our baby girl's name that went to heaven in the spring and she was due on Bella's wedding anniversary. It meant a great deal to me that she celebrated with us.

Lea who is an example of using her many gifts for the Lord. She is the one who hand-crafted the beautiful canvases for Elyana's room (there's an example of one at the bottom).

Lexa, another cherished mentor of mine, who has PRAYED me through some really difficult times and spoke the truth when all I could see was the fog.

More ladies who have loved me along the way and pointed me to Christ (Left to Right: Kim, Jackee, and Marissa).

Sarah and Penny. Penny told me that she was thankful that I had invited her! I immediately teared up because the thought that she was glad to be there when I was humbled that she would take the time to come.

I didn't have my camera there and I wish I had a picture of every single person. Jan, I know you were there in spirit the entire time- I felt you. I am also so grateful for Cheri Cochran, Kelsi Webber, and Krista King for their sweet presence and to so many others that sent their love.
I cannot think of a better scripture to hang in Elyana Joyce's room than this!


Lynnell said...

You are SOOOOOO welcome it is just a small thing I can do for you! You have done so much for me more than you ever know. I thank you for bring the other ladies to me!! They have so blessed me! I just can't wait to meet Elyana and spoil her!!
You have blessed me beyond words! Love U love U

Nicole said...

You know I had to giggle with the whole drill team scenario! I could totally picture it in my head. :)
WIsh you knew REALLY how much you bless and give to others and how much we really love you. You are dear to my heart! Love you and cant wait to hold Elyana!

Prov 11:25
A generous man will prosper; He Who Refreshes Others Will Himself Be Refreshed.

The Durham's said...

What a gift to be a part of this!! You are precious beyond words and I miss you! Hey, I want to know where our baby bump pic is.....I want a copy:):) Love you!

Laura Jo said...

i dont receive things either. sometimes.. i can`t even receive candy. pretty sure my receiving love languages are 1. quality time and 2. sarcasm. and pretty sure for i give love in the same languages... and baby showers are last on my list of languages i speak. i'll work on that. anyways, sad i wasn't there.

Jan said...

Oh sweet friend - so wish I could have been there. Loving you all the way from my home to yours. So glad God is breaking off the shell that has held you back...receiving is a beautiful thing and a rich blessing. You've always been a generous giver - but now you are becoming a gracious receiver. Both are necessary for your love walk! Honored to be loved by you and to love you. Pat your tummy for me and tell her I love her already!