Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonderful Surprise!

Some old and very dear friends gave us a wonderful surprise when they came last Sunday for a visit.

They are so fun and have such a neat story. Short version...They were married in their early twenties- they had good times and some difficult times too. After five years of marriage and what they felt were irreconcilable differences among other things, they divorced. During that time, Patrick drew even closer to the Lord and stood, prayed and fasted for their marriage. After a long time of seeking the Lord and believing that reconciliation was possible, Christi agreed to try to work things out. After going through some counseling, they remarried! God has completely restored their marriage and they have since had two more children. They are amazing and now spend much of their time counseling other couples.
Isaac loved playing with all of their kids, as you can see.

Ingram family, thank you for blessing us with a wonderful visit! We loved your company and our time together.

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Nicole said...

Looks like you all had a blast. You and Jose are such great hosts!!

Oopps....I typed Jose instead of Joe! Funny huh? I kinda like it!! :) Very fitting for the rancho!