Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stay Za Za

As I mentioned in my previous post, I put my precious first born in the car with my mother-in-law to stay with his grandparents overnight. While he was livin' it up with his "Meme" and "Pops," Joe and I headed to surprise Nicole for her birthday....waahahhaaha...I love surprises.

It was Nicole's 21st...I mean 30-something :) birthday. John planned to take her to Hotel Za Za to celebrate. Let me warn you that Za Za isn't the most "family-friendly" type place but rather I would recommend it if you are needing a little pick me up in the bedroom department. It is rated the #1 romantic hotel in Dallas, very "swanky" and adultish (if you follow me).

We had a great time! To describe in words how much of a blessing John and Nicole are to us would be impossible! We had a great time, even better talks, sweet laughs, fun planning, and enjoyed it being just us...no kids (which we adore every one of them, but uninterrupted adult conversation was n-i-c-e.)

Now to my Nicole, Little mama, Grammie, Nicky-G, Nicole Bobbadee, Nic....you are a God send and a gift. You keep me real, make my life so sweet, make me laugh- the smoker's kind (and sometimes gasp), tell it like it is, and love me even through all my junk.

This is how it all began in 2000. I was dancing in college and I was in the middle of walking through a nasty eating disorder. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. John was the college pastor and I knew that his wife, Nicole, used to dance in college too. I figured she might understand where I was coming from. I just walked straight up to her and told her that I was really struggling with an eating disorder, could she recommend anyone for professional counseling? :) To which she responded, "Let me pray about it and get back to you." She called me a couple days later and said that her and John would love to meet with me. I went to their house for dinner, they could see straight through to the core of my issues and spoke the truth. They said that they felt like their home was my East Tx home (they didn't even know me- I could have been some crazy person)- I could come do laundry, get home cooked meals, hang out in their prayer room or just spend time with their family.

Wow, little did we know, that in the last almost 10 years that I would live with them 5 times, work for John's congressional campaign, be their part-time nanny, then their full time one, Nicole would be my maid of honor, I would love her kids like my own, and even when I moved to Dallas once I got married that we'd talk pretty much every day.

It was one of those things that I couldn't have planned and only in His sweet love could He give such a beautiful gift. Nicole, we have walked through so many different seasons and every one of them has been more wonderful because you have been a part of them. I hope you had a spectacular birthday and know how many lives you have touched especially my own. I am not the same person because of you (thank you Lord!). I really believe that God has only begun to launch you forth into all that He has for you. I love you...


The Durham's said...

This is so sweet!! I never knew this story:) What a blessing! Tell her happy birthday from us:)

Jen Sprayberry said...

That was really cool of you to make the trip, I know it blessed her socks off to have you there. It was great to see you! I miss you so much. Love you sweet, beautiful friend!

Anna Elise Mic said...

You put it so beautifully, Meli :-)

The Haedge Family said...

What a beautiful friendship!
God has so many blessings for us!

Nicole said...

My sweet friend! I love you dearly and this post totally took me down memory lane. I can remember where we were sitting when John said that! So thankful God sent you to East Tx....I think it was just for me! :) Little did I know back then that He was answering a prayer I would pray years later for a friend. Remember that season? That's is when you came to help me and live with me. We had already been friends but this is when I look back and "SEE" my prayer answered.

Love you more than words can say! Your friendship is precious to me!