Monday, March 2, 2009

Party planning is not my thing, its His!

I can't believe I'm hoping for an early exit from the fire when I can't even get this one down- I might as well pull up a chair. Hope it doesn't burn my butt.

My first little birthday party to plan for my first child. Scary.

You would have thought from the way that I was approaching his first birthday party that I was helping to plan Obama's inauguration or something. Seriously. I brainstormed and researched and had all of options lined out.

After much deliberation I came up with an idea. Isaac LOVES books I thought we could go to the Barbara Bush Library in Houston.

I was talking to my dad a couple of weeks before the party and he was asking where we were having it at. He said, "THE LIBRARY!?! what are we going to do at the library? Are we going to whisper when we sing him Happy Birthday? Are we going to hang out in the history section? Did you tell Joe this idea?" He went on for close to 10 minutes with his antics. He had me crying and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

So I went back to the drawing board and solicited some advice. Unfortunately, I didn't solicit the best advice.

Fast forward to the day of the party. All day long I couldn't shake this nagging feeling in my stomach. We all met at the park and we were going to have lunch and play. It was 80 degrees the day before the party but Saturday morning it was a f-r-i-g-i-d 50s. Too cold for little man to play. The only thing that frigid weather is good for in Houton is that it keep the humidity at arms length and prevents your hair from being one massively large frizz ball. After our family stood around for 30 minutes freezing, we decided to move the party to my dad's house. My favorite part was having our family there to celebrate with us.

Then, yesterday morning, I was praying and I asked Him what was going on with the party. And then it hit me. I didn't include HIM! All of that time planning without including the Creator of my baby boy and the One who invented birthday parties. Forgive me Lord for not including you in the things that I think I have to do and miss out on the fun of You being right in the middle of it all!

To my little Isaac, I hope that next year mom will remember that- "Apart for Me, you can do nothing" (including birthday parties :)

Now for some pictures:



(My in-laws came and surprised us and brought our nice, Hannah. We are so excited they were there too! Here they are playing before the party- doesn't he look like a little toddler!?! Yikes!)

My sis, Steph.

His cute cousin, Thomas.

I love this picture of my dad and him.

Wish I could have gotten more pictures but after we moved locations, it threw off my picture taking groove.


The Bearded Lady said...

I LOVE it!!! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Isaac!!!!

Nicole said...

Mel you are one funny chic with one warm hiney!! ;) He has got great pictures to look at and all he will remember are that people who love him were there to celebrate!! By the way, your dad is hilarious and you look a little like Jennifer Aniston in this picture!

Anonymous said...

This is so my fault...I am sorry I suggested the great outdoors for a party...what was I thinking...Houston weather in early unpredictable!! Nicole is right, though, the people that were there is what matters...and I was!!! :) I'm so thankful my kids and I were able to join in the celebration! Love, Aunt Cindy

The Durham's said...

Precious boy, precious words, precious heart!! I love everything about you! Kiss that big boy for me and slap a pic of Monty and I on the ceiling above his bed!! Thanks:)

sevans said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Isaac!! Hope it was wonderful!