Friday, March 13, 2009


I absolutely love learning new things and reading all kinds of books. When it came to college, that was just not my thing. I didn’t enjoy the whole process and I could not wait to be done.

This was many moons before I knew Joe, but he was a student at SFA and he was a geography major. What would he do with a geography degree? Well, that’s why he decided to go back to school two years ago and get his finance degree. God lead him to a private catholic college in Colorado that offered online courses that went along with their courses on campus. It is a great university and was the perfect fit for our family.

Let me tell you. Joe has worked his butt off. Even now as I type this, I get that lump in the back of my throat and my eyes fill with water thinking of the blood, sweat and tears he left on that keyboard. He managed to have a full time job (in a completely new industry), be a full time amazing husband, the best full time dad, and go to school FULL TIME! He amazes me. Not one ball dropped.

After almost two years, IT IS FINISHED! Oh, and we celebrated!

Last weekend, I surprised the hubs with our first post-baby night away. We went to Dallas and got to worship at Gateway (oh the oasis!).

Then, we invited Joe’s three closest friends/mentors in the Dallas area over- John, Jason and Monty, for what started to be a little cake. If the Graves are involved (which I should have known this), then they give lavishly and do things BIG! It ended up being steak dinner and a shower of wonderful wisdom and gifts.

The family.

Jason and Bella

The Durham Crew!

Thank you all for encouraging us along the way and celebrating the end with us- you truly helped capture the moment and propel us forward into all that God is calling us to. Afterwards, Joe said that it was one of the most special nights and it really blessed him.

I pray the Lord returns it to you 100 fold.

Last but definitely not least, we headed to the Hilton at Southlake! In other words, if you are a “Bachelor” watcher, it is off to the “fantasy suite” (except he's not a bachelor, HE'S MINE!).

This is where "The Bachelor" shuts the door...


Jen Sprayberry said...

Woo-hoo! How wonderful for Joe. He's such a hard worker. Can't wait to see you. Love you!!!

Izabella Lucas said...

Mel, it was so good seeing you guys! You crack me up with your bachelor's references. I would never have guested you watch that show. LOL. So, when in April-March will you guys have a weekend open for us to come visit?
Love you!

Izabella Lucas said...

I meant to say April-May.

The Durham's said...

HELLLLOOOOO NEW SEASON!!! Sooo happy for you guys and Sooooo excited for the season ahead! Love you!!