Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its Official

So we are officially residents of Normangee, TX! It has been a wild and adventerous last week and half. I'm really glad we are here and that our little family is all together!

I wanted to ask all of my blogging friends for a little prayer request. Please pray that we can get settled quickly and that whatever demons have posessed my camera would be exorcised asap! I have a major picture back up and a blog is not a blog without pictures. Plus my little man is 14 pounds and is in the 90% in weight (wow!) and you have to see him before he looks like a toddler. Whew...I can feel your prayers already.

Now for a little fun (but its oh, so true!). You might be in Normangee if...

1. The post man tells you, "You dont look like you're from around here."

2. People wave when they pass you on the road.

3. The cleaners doesn't have a "In by 9, out by 5 policy" Nope, I took it at 8:45 a.m. this morning (Tuesday) and cant pick it up until after 5 on THURSDAY!

4. You see your neighbor every time you go to the little grocery store.

5. A family event is walking down to the mail box.

6. When people talk about going "into town" they are talking about Madisonville.

7. In 2000, wikepedia says that Normangee's population was 719 people. I'm sure its grown since then but either way now its 722.

8. The tax appraiser raises your property taxes 80% because he heard you did some renovations on the place.

9. The megachurh is when you have over 100 people in your morning worship.

10. The last way you know you're in Normangee is if you see the Terry family out to greet you because we are so excited you came to visit.

So...which weekend are YOU coming?? :)


The Durham's said...

Welcome to small town, sister:) Everyday is like the "Cheers" bar where everyone DOES know your name! Did I mention that I miss you? Is Isaac driving? Just a few questions I need answered:) Call me when you get a chance:) Love ya!

Nicole said...

Tooo funny! Be sure to say 'Hi" to the post man for me! I can't wait to meet him :)

Love you and miss you guys already!

Jen Sprayberry said...

You have been on my heart so much the past week! Glad to hear you're there and starting to become a "local". We are so coming!! Seriously just give us some dates and we'll get it on the calendar. Love and miss you.